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About Conscious Movement

Conscious Movement is the practice of being fully present whilst moving our physical structures. It teaches us to be aware of how we move and to learn how to identify and understand the language our physical body speaks when there is a part of us that needs our attention.

We most often label the language of our body as pain, stiffness, restriction, tension, injury etc and our natural coping mechanism in reaction to this is to find ways to eliminate the language or accept it as just being part of how we should feel as we age.


Point and Purpose

Its time to listen, be more curious and explore deeper. 

The language our physical body speaks is full of information regarding who we are, what we are holding on to and what we are required to release in order to grow and experience life with ease, not only in our physical bodies but in our mental and energetic bodies too.

Practicing Conscious Movement gives us the opportunity to develop our ability to hear and understand the language our physical bodies are speaking as we move and learn what to do with that information once we have it. 


Below are just some of the benefits of practicing Conscious Movement.

Confidence in understanding your mental, energetic and physical bodies.

Allocated time with self.

Improved function of physical body.

Improved mental clarity and function.

Regulated nervous system.

Improved sleeping patterns

Increase of self confidence which promotes personal growth.

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