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About The Wellness Cabin

 At The Wellness Cabin, we offer tailored conscious awareness and movement classes or home plans for pain management and a peaceful mind.    

What we can help with

 All classes are tailored to suit each individuals specific needs.

 Small online group or private classes from the comfort of your own home, eliminating travel time/costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

 Three class types to support you in which ever way you need from week to choose based on how you feel.

 Easy to use booking system with a variety of membership options.

 Members only community support Facebook group.


"The Wellness Cabin classes offer creativity: fusing different methods and techniques to bring forth a different learning experience each week  ." 

— Louise M, Ealing

"We find stillness, we observe breath, we listen, we acknowledge, we accept with love, we move." - Hayley Parry, Founder of The Wellness Cabin

Hayley has been teaching, mentoring and sharing her knowledge and expertise in the art of wellbeing for almost 18 years. As she moves through her own journey, her passion is to share with others the tools of how to become the masters of their own wellbeing from a mental, energetic and physical perspective.


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